Filming in this historic cemetary!  

Filming in this historic cemetary!  

What's up guys, we have been busy bees recording music in the amazing town of Atlanta.  ...yes... I said town.   Statistically it's a metropolis.  But who cares. 

We got with the Arkitech Beats and we put our powers together to create a song that will make you press the gas pedal and bob your non bobbin' head foo! 

Any who, we showed up to the studio with no sleep and pounded out some tracks with the engineer extraordinaire, Darrick Atwater, at The Farm Studios.  I gotta tell ya kids, this one's gonna be hot!  The mighty Paul Ward knocked out the drums faster than Mike Tyson, and still snuck off to eat breakfast without O-Z and me. 

Then, I came in dressed in Persian fabric, laced with gold and scented with frankincense in order to play bass.  That's the only way to play homie!  The bass; thick; and juicy.

Anyway, we have to give credit where credit is due.  Derrick Atwater is an extraordinary engineer and when you hear the track, you will agree that Unbreakable Bloodline has delivered a massive bombshell stacked with great melody, meaningful lyrics, hot noise and a cream filled center !!!!!   That's right, the Cadbury Bunny would be jealous.  

Stay tuned as we get our latest video ready for launch.  "Game Over" coming soon!


Jon Dead End